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Radha requests with Shri Krishna - Can I say don't go on journey?  It may mean ominous to you. Can I say go later, not now?  Then you may misunderstand me. Can I say you to stop ? Then it is your 'Will'. Can I say do as you like it,  then it implies contempt. I… Continue reading REAL LOVE

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Do You Know?

Dalai Lama =Ocean of wisdom. Bangkok=City of angels. Thailand=Land of the free. Ubuntu[ancient African word]=Humanity to others. Monsoon=Mausim[Arabic word for weather] A Palindrome day is a day that reads the same anyway you look at it[Either backward or forward] e.g 02/02/2002. 3 allotropes of carbon- diamond, graphite  and fullerenes. Allotropes =Same element in 2 or… Continue reading Do You Know?