durgaGoddess Durga was permitted by Lord Shiva

to visit her beloved mother only for 9 days in

the year with the Vijaya Dashami day when

Goddess Durga leaves for her return to Mount

Kailas. This is the view of some devotees.

Parvati derives her name from being the

daughter of king Himavan (also called Himavat, Parvat)

and mother Mena.

Parvati is known by many names-Adi Parashakti,


Siblings-Ganga is elder sister,Vishnu  is brother.

Lion was given as mount by her father Himalaya.

Goddess Durga has chosen a horse to be her vahana this

year for both arrival and departure.

She is the mother of Hindu deities Ganesha, Kartikeya,

Ashoka Sundari.

Navaratri date  and Color of the day and Goddess worshiped.

September 29th——–orange(signifies energy and happiness)–Shailaputri.

September  30th——–white(symbolizes peace and purity)—Brahmacharini.

1st October——–Red.(signifies beauty and fearlessness.–Chandraghanta.

2nd——————-Royal Blue.(health and wealth)-Kushmanda.

3rd—————–Yellow.(happiness and brightness)-Skandamata.

4th—————–Green.(new beginning and growth)-Katyayani.

5th—————-Grey.(stands for strength of transforming)-Kalaratri.

6th—————Purple.(power of intellect and peace)–Mahagauri.

7th—————Peacock Green.(this colour is believed to fulfil the desires of devotee)–Siddhidhatri.

8th October—-Durga Visarjan.

The tradition of Kanya Puja is also an important feature of

Navaratri. She is considered to be an avatar of Nava Durga.

Golu is the festive display of dolls inSouth India during

the autumn festive season.

Images for theme of Golu(festive display of dolls on steel

mounted steps) for 2019 is Krishna Leela.

Dasara was started by Raja Wadeyar in 1610.Till then the

Vijayanagar rulers were celebrating the festival.


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