Poetic Magic.

1.Home’s confines.

Drizzling and gloomy sometimes,

Bright sunshine at other times;

With the oft-changing weather I decide

To stay within my home’s confines.

2.Love’s Anchor.

Like a vine that grows around a tree,

Clinging to it,

Let my love grow around you;

I like the moon

That embellishes the sky,

Let my love embellish your thoughts;

Like swarms of human beings

That crowd the market,

Let memories of my love crowd your mind

And like a ship

That lies at anchor at the shore,

Let my love anchor at your consciousness.

3.The Realization

Green grass grows and grows

When moist is the earth;

Sweet honey flows and flows

When bees dance in mirth.

Birds soar to dizzy heights

But would soon perch on a tree,

For rest they should, when darkness descends,

To set their minds free.

Man attains calm wisdom

After passing through the travails

And sheds away all his arrogance

When his will no more prevails;

Soon he learns of a Higher Being

Which has a vast sway

Over things and men and kings and women

That are destined to decay.

4.Fell off His Pedestal

He was a new reporter

And he had many a friend;

He turned events into news

And covered VIP’s views.

One day he fell off his pedestal

From a ‘news reporter’ to ‘news’.

When he was killed by a

Hostile group of Jews.

5.The Only Certainty

In this uncertain world

You are the only Certainty;

In this ever-changing world

You are the only Unchanging entity.

When sorrow grips man,

You are his only Hope

And when help eludes him

In search of You alone, he does grope.

You are the fulfiller of desires

Of every being on this earth

And, these desires having been fulfilled,

All beings recognize Your worth.

Poems by Dr.Venkataramana K V




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