Poetic Magic.


Days pass by swiftly

Like the trees and bushes

Fleeting before a child’s eye

While travelling in a car;

And I repent not

Their fast disappearance,

For, they have been full of joy

And have left behind

In my memories, not even a scar!

2.This Poem….

This poem was intended to be a long one

Carrying the kite of my imagination

To dizzy heights;

But Lo! The thread of that kite was suddenly snapped

By a barking dog,

Reducing this poem to mere six lines.

3.The Last Fall.

The last fall of a dry leaf

Waving and glistening  in the air

And gracefully touching the earth

Is a sight eerie and wonderful.

O God! Let me too

Meet such an end

When my life is full and fulfilled,

So I  remain to You ever grateful.

4. Serenity.

In sparkling waters

There is a sparkle of divinity

And in glimmering leaves

There is a glimmer of hope.

In hugging leaves

There is a feeling of affinity

And in unruffled waters

There is a sea of serenity.

5. Favourite Game.

Let me be disenchanted with

Everything in this world

But not with Your name;

And let the chanting of Your name

Through my ups and downs of life

Be my favourite game.


I want to be free

I like poets whose thoughts are free

And whose lines are free

To remain short or long;

And I want to be free

Like birds on a spree

Which sing  together a song.

7.Love of Books.

When I think of how my life has been spent

I remember the books on my shelf,

Which have thrilled me and enlightened me

And made me understand the Self.

The books I have borrowed and the books I have bought

And the books to others I have refused to lend

Have impressed me with their noble thoughts

And helped me my behaviour to mend.

I have loved the books deeply as I

Have loved my parents and friends true,

For in them I have found solace

And to happiness, the clue.

Yeah, I cherish the books, for hidden in them

Is the wisdom of the ages,

Which guided  mankind on the noble path

Through life’s various stages.

8.Another World

As a stranger to this world I came

And soon my parents gave me a name.

I was at the beginning only a child

With little knowledge of the world

But of imagination wild;

And soon I learnt the ways of the world

And lost my childhood innocence

And became absurd.

With advancing age, I witnessed crime,

Violence and lust

And corruption, theft and injustice at their worst;

And now utterly disillusioned

With the goings-on in the world

I wish I lived in another world!

9.Dying Man

Where is God

For a dying man?

Perhaps, he thinks

God Himself is in a

dying state.

10.A Life of Hope

I may die a physical death later,

But I do not want to die

A mental death in advance.

Like a flower

Which is optimistic

And ever smiling

Till it withers away,

I shall live

A life of hope.

Poems by Dr. Venkataramana K V.

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