Do You Know?

1.Shyamlal Parshad from Kanpur wrote the song

-”Jhanda Ooncha Rahe Hamaara”.It was given the

status of National Anthem at Haripura Congress in


Muhammad Iqbal composed  ”saare jahaan se achcha

Hindustaan hamaara”a patriotic song in Urdu on August


Tagore wrote ”Jana Gana Mana” not in praise of English King

George V, but a song devoted to the ”dispenser of human destiny”

–Bharat Bhagya Vidhata–”God” Tagore relinquished his

knighthood after the Jallianwalla massacre in 1919. He could

never have been reverent of the British crown.

It is a tragedy that the honour of India’s National Anthem

didn’t go to either of 2 great patriotic songs –”Vande Mataram”

and ”Saare Jahan se Achchaa”.

2.The word Namaste in Sanskrit means Namah and Te, which

literally means I bow to you, my greetings, salutations and

prostration to thee.



Composes 75% of our brain.

Regulates our body temperature.

Helps carry nutrients and oxygen to our cells.

Moistens oxygen for breathing.

Makes up 83% of our blood.

Removes waste.

Helps convert food to energy.

Composes 22% of our bones.

Cushions our joints.

Protects and cushions our vital organs.

Helps our body absorb nutrients

Makes up 75% of our muscles.












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