Poetic Magic.

1.Pouring Rain, Boring Rain.

Pouring rain, boring rain,

Yet I cannot complain;

For farmers need a lot of rain

To grow crops in the plain.

Pouring rain, boring rain,

Accompanied by thunder

Forces me to sit inside my house

And at the rain-god’s fury wonder.

Pouring rain, boring rain,

Keeps the sunshine out

And gloominess pervades each thing

And all men-lean or stout.

Pouring rain boring rain,

Dampens my spirits for long,

For no bird is ever inclined

To entertain me with its song.

2.Love-filled Moments

Sweet is the shrill note of birds

But sweeter still are the memories of those moments

When you kept me  cheerful

With your encouraging words.

Refreshing is the language of breeze

But more refreshing is the thought

Of those love-filled moments

Which, in my mind, did freeze.

3. Durable Peace.

In an age of tension,

Terror and strife,

Miserable has become

Everyone’s life.

In an age of  violence,

Hatred and rape,

For innocent and weak

There is no escape;

In an age of selfishness,

Acquisitiveness and greed,

Corruption is rampant

And spreads fast like a weed;

And in age of distrust,

Suspicion and ill will,

Harmony in life is non-existent

And durable peace is elusive, still.

4.Marvel in Flesh and Blood.

It moves and carries us too

Along its path;

It is a beautiful story

Which has bends like a river,

Grace like a flower

And with streaks of intrigue,

Mystery, fury, rage,

Tenderness and compassion;

It has its ups, downs and plateau too;

A story which mesmerises

And immobilises our thoughts–

A marvel in flesh and blood.

5.Neglected Art.

When I dedicated

That book to you,

I thought you would remain

Ever close to my heart;

But time has blunted

The edge of friendship

And, strangely, today

You are a neglected art.

Poems by Dr.Venkataramana K V.





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