Poetic Magic.

1.Bright or Insipid.

Do trees standing stark naked

Speak of a starving earth

Or of their own strength

To invoke thoughts in a poetic heart

To produce a poem of immense worth?

Do silvery clouds moving across the azure sky

Speak of their bright existence

Or of their insipid life

Having to dance to the dictates of strong winds

Against their conscience?


Efforts need not bear fruit

In so short a time;

This is what I have discovered

In my lifetime.

We have to struggle and slog

From morn to night

Without waiting for quick results

And disappointment fight;

But sure of God’s blessings

We should not let up

In our efforts to reach the goal,

Even if obstacles are put up.

And it will be a glorious dawn

One fine morning,

Which will bring us face to face with success

Without any forewarning.

3.Chosen Art.

I keep oscillating

Between thoughts of virtue and vice

To think of a theme

For my poetic output;

I keep wavering

Between blissful and base thoughts

To hit upon a theme

For my poetic  outburst;

I keep contemplating

On sacred and unholy thoughts

To find a theme

For my poetic craft

And, at last, I come to think of

The unchangeable entity

Which becomes my leitmotif

In my chosen art.

4.Our Only Goal

Let me compose a poem on love

So that it inspires one and all

To love one another without selfishness

And help the needy in their moment of fall.

Let me, then, sing it in sweet melody

So that it stirs every human soul

And inspires it to engage in actions

Which promote world peace, our only goal.

5. Water A Plant.

You continue to water a plant

Not knowing when it will bear flowers

And when, at last, it bears flowers,

Joy and beauty, it showers.


Drizzling and gloomy sometimes,

Bright sunshine at other times;

With oft-changing weather I decide

To stay within my home’s confines.

7.Dependable Companion

What is the use of realising God

When one is on his very death-bed,

If one cannot realise Him

While he still earns his bread?

For God is not a mere experience

To be had only at the end of his life;

He is the lone dependable companion,

Memorable each moment of peace and strife.

8.No Way…

There is no way to achieve wisdom

Except by passing through difficult times

And there is no way to become a poet

Except through tinkering with rhymes.


Is there any freedom on earth

To eat what we like?

If yes,why kill your neighbour

Whose food we dislike?


Violence, violence everywhere,

Where are oases of peace?

Unless religious bigotry is ended,

Humanity would come to cease!

Poems by Dr.Venkataramana K V

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