Health Corner.

1.Mobiles make men infertile-damage caused by the

electromagnetic radiation emitted by handsets or by

the heat they generate—warn researchers.

2.Green leaf vegetables are a rich source of vitamin E,

which protects the  brain and slower mental decline

in the elderly, a study found.

3. Iodine deficiency in children may result in impaired

mental development, impaired physical growth, lower

school performance and loss of 10-15 IQ points. Daily

consumption  of  iodized  salt is a healthy habit.

4.Stem cells derived from the hip bones of the patient

when injected into a loose tissue near the cornea can

cure age related degeneration of vision, which so far

has no cure.

5.Drinking orange juice is good for high blood pressure

(=reduces the level)

6.Pain killers(the drug vioxx and Celebrex) add to kidney

problems and heart risks.

7.Men who use pesticides to kill bugs or weeds at work

(via gardening) or at home, may raise the risk of Parkinson’s

disease.(excluding women and farmers)

8. Ananda Bhairavi raga of Carnatic music has soothing effect

on patients; the raga will relieve the patients from pain during

and after surgeries- researchers report.

9.Parkinson’s was an old man’s disease appearing mostly

in people in their 60’s.Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong. Mohammad Ali.

Pope John Paul II are associated with the degenerative disorder of

the central nervous system that affects movement, speech and

posture. Now 20 year olds get Parkinsons–because of improper diet,

inadequate sleep & increased stress.

10.Iron deficiency is common among women of childbearing age.

But pregnant women could suffer birth complications in case of

iron overdose. They may deliver premature babies or babies with

low ‘birth weight’.




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