Health Corner.

1.Requirements for a  blood donor:

At least 16 years of age for a healthy donor

and a minimum of 110 pounds.

Donate once every 2 weeks and up to 24 times

per year.

Donor can donate blood also in a licensed blood bank.

Donor’s blood should be screened for HIV, Hepatitis C

and syphilis prior to transfusion.

The shelf-life of donated blood is 35 to 42 days.

World Blood Donors Day is celebrated on 14 June

every year.

Individuals suffering from minor illness and not

feeling well should not donate blood.

Only individuals in good health should be accepted

as blood donors.

The body is able to compensate lost blood in 24 hours

but unlike white cells and platelets it takes

several weeks for all the red blood cells to be replaced.

A person can donate blood  once every 3 months

but not more than 5 times in a year.

It is more appropriate for men to donate blood

than women, due to such women related

circumstances such as pregnancy, abortion,

anemia,weight loss and other physiological


Blood group O is the universal donor.Donors

with O blood are compatible with any other

blood type. Donors with blood type O can donate

to recipients with blood type A,B,AB and O.

The minimum interval between 2 donations

is 12 weeks(3 months)

Donating blood regularly may lower iron stores.

2.Use mosquito nets instead of repellents which

are harmful and can be suffocating for people

with asthma.

3.Keep a potted money plant in the kitchen and

bathroom windows to keep the air clean.




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