Poetic Magic.

Sunny Days.

One thing that haunts my mind

Is her unsurpassed beauty

But I cannot dream of it forever,

For, my life is wedded to duty;

Another thing that strikes my mind

Is the serenity on her face

Which melts away my cares and tensions

And portends a string of sunny days.

2.To My Door.

This poem did not exist

A few minutes before

But now it has taken birth and may have a

Glorious future in store.

This smile did not adorn my face

A few moments before

But now it is visible and set to brighten my inspired life

Which has been full of chore.

This inspiration was absent in me

A few minutes before

But now I am inspired

To dive into the spiritual core.

And this peace of mind did not pervade me

A few hours before

But now it does, as the God who I had ignored earlier

Has now come to my door.

Source:Poems by Dr. Venkataramana K.V.



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