Poetic Magic.


I want to be free

Like poets whose thoughts are free.

And whose lines are free

To remain short or long

And I want to be free

Like birds on a spree

Which sing together a song.

2.Village Life

A temple in a village, a cow at home,

A lake or pond for people and animals to drink water,

And festivals galore almost every month–

To Indians, long ago, did only matter.


When you are  in  penury,

You know what life is;

You feel helpless to eke out life

And your will to live does cease!


When night was

The queen of silence,

A few barking dogs

Remained its

Agitating subjects.


My heart is barren

And my emotions are dry

I am no more a poet

And clueless,Why?

6. Red Blossoms

Trees are afire with red blossoms

With the advent of spring;

But in winter they were shorn of leaves

And nothing but gloom they did bring.

Source:”Poetic Magic”

Poems by Dr.Venkataramana K V.

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