Poetic Magic.

1.A Bard.

Everyone ignored me

When I was young,

For they thought I was an obscure poet

Who would not go up the rung

And today they look at me

With awe and regard,

For my sheer dint of my hard work

I have become a bard.

2.Beloved Wife

While none cared for me and loved me

She took a lot of interest in my life,

For, she knew that she were to become,

A few months later, my beloved wife.

3.The Poor.

For a crumb of bread

Or a cheap drink,

They sell their bodies

And human dignity;

For they seem to think

There is no point

In remaining poor

Till eternity.

4.I Do Not Know.

I do not know

Why a mass of words should form

Poetry or prose;

I do not know

Why colours and petals

Should make a rose;

I only know

God gives shape

To different things

By casting them in moulds

Of prose, poetry and rose

Of birds, animals and kings.

5.Living Moments.

Thousands thronged his residence

When he was dead

And they followed him

Till the cemetery too;

After bidding him a tearful farewell

All of them dispersed.

Back home none of them bothered to think

Where he went thereafter–

Whether to hell or heaven;

Perhaps each one thought

His living moments were more precious

Than a futile search.

Source:Poems by Dr.Venkataramana K.V.

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