Poetic Magic.

1.Mother Earth.

People have defaced Mother Earth

By defiling streams, denuding forests

By polluting air with toxic gases

And building structures on mountain crests.

Is it too late to make her smile now

By erasing scars on her face,

By caring for her fauna and flora,

Water, air and natural grace?

(To commemorate World Environment Day on June 5.)


Being a poet

I have never written

A poem on my mother;

For I only wish to see her

As a talking poem

And not as an entity

In cold print.


Past is a storehouse of memories

Always  glowing, even in advanced age;

As there was unbridled freedom to engage in acts

Which were often born out of craze.

4.Every Face.

Every face is an image of

Happiness, misery or tragedy

Of life that has gone by,

But is determined to move into comedy.

5.Changing  Seasons.

Glistening waters,

Flying birds

And burning sands

Speak of summer.

Raging waters

Lightning  flashes

And dripping leaves

Tell of monsoon.

Whatever the season,

Wisps of joy

And clouds of sorrow

Dapple the sky of my life.

Poems by Dr. Venkataramana K V .







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