Poetic Magic.

1.Clouds And Birds.

Clouds and birds have

A few things in common:

Both sail at a certain height.

They move in clusters, slow or fast,

And in all directions

Overlooking things, dull or bright

But clouds rarely rest

For their mission of life

Is to bring rain to earth’s various parts,

While birds storm trees at sunset each day

And begin each day with their melodious notes

To delight human hearts

2.Let The World…

Let the world prove that there is no God,

Yet let my faith in you never grow weak;

On the other hand, let it grow from strength to strength

And reach in devotion, its peak.

Let the world assert that there is no hell or heaven

But only poverty or luxury of this earth;

Yet let me not engage  in unjust actions

Even if life beyond is of little worth.

3.Man’s Limitations-II

One can keep a

Dying patient in coma

For a few hours;

One can impound the

Flowing water through a dam

For a few centuries;

One can keep the

Ramayana alive

Till eternity.

Ah! But the fast-changing hues of twilight

Cannot be made to wait

Even for a few seconds!

4.Divine Role

A mind that wishes suffering to others

Is a mind without love;

A mind that thinks of the welfare of all

Is a Divine gift from above.

A mind that laughs at others’ woes

Has no regard for life and its goal

Until it has suffered in the crucible of life itself

And become fit to play the Divine role!


Pen pictures a scene

Which others have not seen;

Pen depicts a life

Which is full of strife.

Pen sketches the suffering

Of blind and hard of hearing

And pen describes the joy

Of a boy with many a toy.

6.You gave me …

You gave me a life

And I  only tried

To find its meaning;

You gave me time

And I only attempted

To make it useful;

You gave me joy

And I only learnt

To be grateful to You;

And You gave me sorrow

And I learnt my first lessons

In mysticism.

Source:Poems by Dr. Venkataramana K V

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