Animal world.

1.These 8 birds can’t fly.

a)Penguin in Antarctica.

b)Steamer Duck(Chile and Argentina)

c)Weka —— New  Zealand.



f) Kakapo.

g)Takahe–New Zealand.

h)Cassowary–New Guinea.

Emus can’t fly but can run very fast (Australia)

2. Four poisonous Birds–

a)Hooded Pitohui(New Guinea)

Blue -capped Ifrita(New Guinea)

Rufous humming birds (Australia, Indonesia and

Papua New Guinea)

Variable Pitohui and Rusty Pitohui(Aru Island and

New Guinea)

b)Common quail(Ethiopia)

c)little Shrikethrush(Australia and New Guinea)

d)Spur-Winged goose(Africa)

Hooded Pitohui and variable Pitohui—poisonous.

2.Of the roughly 30,000 different species of fish,almost

27,000 of them are bony fish.




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