Poetic Magic.

1.The Tree.

The tree on the ground stands firm

While its leaves seem to hum

And its roots have gone deep

Into the realm of mysteries, the earth does keep.

The tree blossoms in spring

When children dance and spring

And it weathers many a storm,

Yet it retains its lovely form.

The tree speaks to the sky above

In a silent language of love

And to birds and animals it provides shelter

And keeps them safe from sun’s swelter.

2.Peace of Mind.

Two things have bestowed on me

The oft-elusive peace of mind:

One is poetry–oral or written

And another, the God who always directs from behind.

Both have kept me engrossed in them

And made my life worthwhile;

Yeah,they have been my true companions

In my life’s journey from mile to mile!

3.Man With Limitations

I am a man with limitations

Who cannot push the waves back,

Sitting on the shore;

I am a man with limitations,

Who cannot resist the inviting looks

Of a charming whore;

I am a man with limitations

Who cannot clear the fog

Surrounding a mountain

And I am a man with limitations

Who cannot suppress his urge

To spy a moving beauty through a chink

in the certain!


I was poor in arithmetic in class

And with great difficulty, the exam did I pass.

I thought I would not have that dreaded subject again

Not as a student, but in my life’s domain!

Alas! I feel deeply disgusted today,

For arithmetic still confronts my life’s way,

As I keep counting of my life’s innumerable sorrows

And anticipating, in vain, better tomorrows!

5.Life’s Path.

Life’s path is very uncertain

Nobody knows what will happen

Now or tomorrow, a year or two hence,

Yet our spirits need not dampen;

For there is a Super Power

To take care of all our fears,

Which instills hope in us

To live a life sans tears.

With faith in Lord and dedicated work

Let all of us march ahead,

Braving obstacles, whatsoever be,

And earn our daily butter and bread.

Let us all strive to be His worthy children

For having received the gift of life from Him,

By caring for and helping each other

And loving God to brim!

Source:Poems by Dr. Venkataramana  K V


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