1.Teacher:Why do humans have different blood groups?

Student: So that mosquitoes can enjoy different flavours.

2.”Will you hang the calendar or I will hang myself?

3.Pick up the paper and fall in the dust bin.

4.Give me a blue pen of any colour.

5.Teacher:Today we will learn about tenses. Now,

if I say,”I am beautiful”, which tense is it?

Student:”It is definitely past tense”.

6. Teacher:”Where was the Declaration of Independence


Student:At the bottom of the page.

7.The principal is revolving in the corridor.

8.Both of you stand together separately.

9. I have two daughters, both are girls.

10.Open the window, let the AIRFORCE come in.

11.All of you stand in a straight circle.

12.Why are you looking at the monkeys  outside

when I am inside?


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