Do You Know?

1.Raphael=I am blessed, a Hebrew word.

2.Jehovah is the divine Father of Jesus.

3.Moses-the recipient of the Ten Commandments

in the Bible and a Hebrew prophet.

4.Amen(means ”The Hidden One) was the patron

deity of the city of Thebes.Amen and his consort

Ament were the Gods known to the Egyptians in

very early times. Amen(Hebrew word) literally

means ”truly” or ”so let it be.”

5.Indo-Iranian languages–Hindu, Urdu, Persian,


6.Suri means happiness in Persian,Princess in Hebrew,

Red rose in Persian.

7.Trinity of Carnatic music-(period 1700-1800) which

included Tyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar and

Shyama Shastri are commonly referred to as

the Trinity of Carnatic Music.

8.Mandara Ramayana was the first epic to get the

Sahitya Academy Award as the best Tulu poetry.

Mother tongue of author Mandara Keshava Bhat

was Marathi. He lived in 16th century.

9.Kudla means junction. Mangalore is a city which

lies in the junction of two rivers and Arabian sea.

10.Jaycees is a leadership training and civic organization

for people between the ages of 18 and 40 years old.Purpose

-to improve patient safety and quality of health care by

offering education, publications, advisory services and

international accreditation and certification.



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