Poetic Magic.

1.Flowers I Admire.

Flowers I admire

Not so much for their beauty

But for their tenacity

To perform their  duty

Of pleasing the mankind

And keeping it cheerful,

In spite of their suffering

In the scorching sun;

And I cherish the memory of flowers

For their capacity

To bloom in one’s mind,

During day or night,

Spring or winter

Or physical or mental flight.


Children are children,

Be they rich or poor,

They are innocent, truthful,

And outspoken, for sure.

They mingle  with each other,

Unmindful of their status,

To kill time happily

In game, fun or circus.

Though  they sometimes tend to quarrel

They do not harbour  ill-will;

For they need each other’s company

Without which their lives would come to

a standstill.

Children are children

For carefree they remain,

Unmindful of the future

In whose womb lives joy or pain.

3.Mother’s Love.

Spring, showers or sunshine

Does not make a difference

To a tiny tot.

But mother’s love

And affectionate care

Mean to it a lot.

Sweets, chocolates

Bread or jam

Satisfies it only for a while

For though its belly is full

It soon tends to be dull

Until her mother flashes a smile.

Toys or trains,

Birds or bees

Don’t sustain its attention for long

For they disappear

After a while

But mother’s love lingers long.

Poems by Dr.Venkataramana K.V.

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