1.Anyone Can

Anyone can make a mistake

That’s why pencil has eraser.

Anyone can blossom a smile

That’s why teeth are white.

Anyone can give a handshake

That’s why there are  five fingers.

Anyone can think high

That’s why head is on the top.

Anyone can share a bit of his tea

That’s why cup has a saucer.

Anyone can walk alone

That’s why shadow goes with him.

-G. Suchitha Shenoy.

Poem 2.

1 To 10 Nice words.

The most selfish ”ONE”letter word…”I”

Avoid it.

The most satisfying ”TWO” letter word…”We”

use it.

The most poisonous ”THREE”letter word…”EGO”

kill it.

The most used ”FOUR”letter word…”Love”.

value it.

The most pleasing ”FIVE”letter word….”Smile”

keep it.

The fastest spreading ”SIX”letter word…”Rumour”

ignore it.

The hardest working ”SEVEN”letter  word…”Success”

Achieve it.

The most enviable ”EIGHT” letter word….”Jealousy”

Distance it.

The most powerful ”NINE”letter word….”Knowledge”

Acquire it.

The most essential ”TEN”letter word…”Confidence”

Trust it.

–Pranay Pai.

Source:Poems from the magazine-”Surabhi”.

(Canara Engineering College.)


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