Did You Know?

1.It has been found that human bones contain traces

of silver and human toe nails contain gold traces.

2.We require 72 muscles to speak a single word.

3.Flies take  off with a backward jump.

4.The human body contains enough  fat to make

7 to 9 bars of soap.

5. Any number decreased by the sum of its digits

will leave a remainder that can be divided by 9.

6. The jeep got its  name from its  original initials

G.P. which stood for general purpose vehicle.

7. Muhammed is the most common first name

and Smith is  the most common last name in the world.

8.Geographical surnames.

1.Cockpit of Europe—————–Belguin

2.Eternal City————————–Rome.

3.Land of Midnight sun———-Norway.

4.Playground of Europe———Switzerland

5.City of 7 hills———————-Rome.

6.Land of Maple leaf————-Canada.

7. China’s sorrow——————Hwang HO River.

8. Emerand Isb———————Ireland.

9.Land of rising sun————Japan.





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