Poetic Magic.

1.Poetic Magic

If the world perishes

And I remain alone,

I will not grieve  nor moan;

For, I am a poet

Who ever lives with  hope

And, even in darkness, I will not grope.

”Thank You O God!”

I will only say

For leaving me unharmed, that day;

For I know

How to recreate the world

Out of poetic magic, a man or a bird.


Words have the potential

To foster peace and brotherhood;

Words have the capacity

To promote social good.

Words have the ability

To speak to your heart;

Words have the capacity

To immortalize the arts.

Words have the potential

To alleviate stress

And they have the capacity

To bring hope to the hapless.

3.Why Fritter Away?

Why fritter away your energy

By thinking of unfounded fears?

Why not channelise it towards God

Who alone your grievances hears?

4.From Might  to Might

I may be deprived of  a koel’s song

Or the caress of a breeze,

Yet my devotion to you

Will never cease;

I may be divorced from the love of kith and kin

Or the pleasures of this enchanting world,

Yet I will remain close to You

As sheep to a shepherd;

Or I  may lose  my power and pelf

And become a nobody overnight,

Yet my love for You will never diminish

But keep growing from might to might.


Life is not

Absence  of death.

The life  is lived,

The life  is loved

And the life is expanded

Beyond the frontiers of death;

It is the way

The life strives,

Thrives and expresses itself

In the micro- and macrocosms

Of mind and soul.

Source:”Poetic Magic”-Poems by

Dr.Venkataramana K V .




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