Public Sector Banks In India.

Indian Banking system consists of 27 Public sector Banks.

Reserve Bank of India is the highest monetary authority

in the country. All the Public sector banks,Private banks

and foreign banks have to follow the guidelines made

by the RBI.

Currently there are 27 public sector banks out of which

19 are nationalised  banks and 6 are SB I and its associate

banks and rest two are I D B I Bank and Bharatiya Mahila Bank.

(Associate banks of S B I are-State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur,

State Bank of Hyderabad, State bank of Mysore,State Bank of

Patiala and State Bank of  Travancore.)

Public sector banks– estd————–Tagline

1.Allahabad Bank–  24-4-1865—A tradition of trust.

2.Andhra Bank–20-11-1923—-Where India Banks.

3.Bank of Baroda–20-7-1908—-India’s international bank.

4.Bank of India–7-9-1906—–Relationship beyond banking.

5.Bank of Maharashtra–16-9-1935—One family one bank.

6. Canara Bank–1-7-1906–Together we can.

7.Central Bank of India–21-12-1911–Central to you since 1911.

8.Corporation Bank–12-3-1906-a premier public sector  bank.

9.Dena Bank–26-5-1938–Trusted family bank.

10.Indian Bank–15–8–1907.  Your tech friendly bank.

11.Indian Overseas Bank–10-2-1937.–Good people to grow with.

12.Oriental Bank of Commerce.–19-2-1943.–Where every

individual is committed.

13.Punjab National Bank–19-5-1894–With you all the  way;

pure banking nothing else.The nation banks on us.

14.Punjab and Sind Bank–24-6-1908.-Where service is a way of life.

15.Syndicate Bank–1925–Your faithful and friendly financed partner.

16.U C O Bank–6-1-1943–Honors your trust.

17.Union Bank of India–11-11-1919 Good people to bank with.

18 United Bank of India. –1950—The Bank that begins with you.

19. Vijaya Bank–23-10-1931–A friend you can bank on.

20. IDBI Bank LTD.-1-7-1964.–Banking for all;”Aao  sochein Bada.”

21 Bharatiya  Mahila Bank–empowering women, empowering India.

22.India Post Payments Bank-1-9-2018-Your Bank is your gate.

Public sector banks are major type of banks in India, where

a majority stake(i.e. more than 50%) is held by Government.

The shares of these banks are listed on stock exchanges.

Merged list of Public sector  Banks:

Punjab National Bank—–Oriental Bank of Commerce,

Allahabad Bank, Corporation Bank, Indian Bank.

Bank of Baroda—-Vijaya Bank, Dena Bank.

Bank of India—–Andhra Bank, Bank of Maharashtra.

Canara Bank—-U C O Bank, Syndicate bank, I O B.

Union Bank of India—I D B I,Central Bank of India.










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