Indian Banks And Their Taglines

Private sector banks are the banks where greater parts of share

is not held by the government but by private shareholders.

Private Sector Banks–Established———————————–Tag lines.

The  Nedungadi Bank was the first private sector bank in India

founded in 1899 by Rao Bahadur T.M. It was first private sector

commercial bank founded at Calicut  in Kerala

Axis Bank (1993)                                             Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi

City Union Bank (1904)——-Trust and Excellence since 1904.

Catholic Syrian Bank (1920)                         Support All The Way.

Dhana Lakshmi Bank(1927)                         Tann, Mann, Dhan.

D C B Bank (1930)                                            We Value You.

Jammu And Kashmir Bank(1938)                 Serving to Empower

Karnataka Bank(1924)                                   Your Family Bank across India.

Kotak Mahindra Bank(2001)                       Let’s make money simple.

Karur Vysya Bank (1916)                             Smart Way to Bank.

Lakshmi Vilas Bank (1926)                         The changing face of  prosperity.

Nainital Bank (1922)                                    Banking with personal touch.

R B L Bank/Ratnakar Bank Limited.(1943)—————————–Apno Ka Bank.

South Indian Bank (1929)                          Experience next generation banking.

Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank Limited.(1921)——Totally Motivated Bank.

Yes  Bank (2004)                                          Experience our expertise.

Equitas Small Finance Bank (2007)——— It’s Fun Banking.

Jammu and Kashmir Bank  —————- Serving to Empower.

H D F C Bank( Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd)–Estd–(1994)

Tagline——-   We Understand Your World.

I C I C I Bank (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India)                                      Estd—–(1994)                          Tag line—-  Khayal Aapka.

I D F C Bank(Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation) Estd:2015

Tagline-Banking Hatke.

IndusInd Bank  (1994)————————————We make money simple.

Federal Bank(1931)——————————-Your perfect Banking Partner

I D B I Bank(1964)———-Banking for all;Aao sochein Bada.

As of January 2019, I D B I has been acquired by L I C  and

L I C  NOW holds the status of promoter in the  Bank;

although L I C  holds 51% stake, the Government of India

holds 44% stake in I D B I, hence making the total stake

below 51%. So now I D B I Bank categorize as Private

sector bank.

Bandhan Bank(2015)—-Aapka bhala, sab ki bhalai.

H D F C is the largest private bank in India followed by I C I C I

and Axis Bank.

Current  R B I monetary policy rates:-

Repo rate-6.25%

Reverse Repo rate-6%

Bank rate-6.50%

Marginal Standing Facility Rate-6.50%

Cash Reserve ratio-4%

Statutory liquidity Ratio-20%

The first bank to introduce A T M  in India was

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

in  1987, Mumbai.

Central  Bank of India was the first public sector

bank to introduce credit card.

I C I C I is the first bank to provide mobile A T M

and also was the first Indian bank to provide internet

banking facility.

Bengal Bank established in 1784 was the first bank

to introduce cheque system.

First bank in India to launch E M I facility on debit

cards-I C I C I Bank.

First Indian bank to set up a branch in China -Axis Bank.

Bank of Hindustan was the first bank of India. It was

established in 1770 and the second bank was General

Bank of India established in 1786. The largest bank

and still the oldest in existence is the S B I. It originated

as the Bank of Calcutta in June 1806.

Mobile banking was started  in India by way of S M S

Banking in 2002.


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