Poetic Magic Poems.


Water seeps into the soil

To occupy the pores in it,

But love seeks to reach hearts

That crave for  it.


Nature with its grass, trees, streams,

And falls, everyone enchants;

A wonderful spectacle it creates for man

Who, unwittingly, the Divine name chants.


I meet  so many women

But I cannot unlock their hearts

To find out what their desires are-

However much I am smart.

Women have an aura of mystery around them

Indecipherable are their wants;

Discuss with them various matters

Then only their desires they will flaunt.

4.O Flowers…

O Flowers,

Why do you bloom?

Is it for enchanting

The vulnerable to doom?

O flowers,

Why do you beckon?

Do you want  us

Your beauty to reckon?

O flowers,

Why do you dance?

Do you like to see us

Fall in trance?

And O flowers,

Why do you seduce

And from mystery to meanness,

You yourselves reduce?

5.Sole Aim

If life’s sole aim

Is to understand

The Bestower of life,

Then why go after

A home, children and a wife?

6.Rain And Love

Rain washes

The leaves clean

And makes them look

More green;

But love erases the

Bitter moments

And make life

More serene.

Poems by Dr.Venkataramana KV.




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