Health Corner.

1.One glass of milk per day  reduces colon cancer risk

by 15%. Also the fatty acids contained in milk may lower


2.Olive oil and Canola oil are best for cooking.

Flax seed  oil should not be used for cooking, since

heat converts the oil into a toxic derivative called

Lipid Peroxide. Flax seed oil can be applied to the

skin to enhance skin health and increase skin moisture.

3.Fluoride fights tooth decay by poisoning the bacteria

that cause the decay.

4. Music is good for heart; alleviate stress, boost milk

production in cattle, improves movement in neurologically

impaired patients with stroke or  Parkinson’s disease.

5. Apples are a primary source of an anti oxident called

quercetin which is known to combat neuro degenerative

diseases in humans. The same flavonoid is also present in

onions, tea,blueberries and cranberries.


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