Divine Pathways.

1.My Kashmir.

I live in Kashmir

That is picturesque,

Lovely  and breathtaking.

I live in Kashmir

That is full of  valleys,

Lakes, flowers and Gardens.

My friends, I wish

I invited you to my

Land of paradise.

But alas! it is not

Connected by roads,

Flights or trains;

For, my Kashmir is your

Inaccessible island–

An island of mere dreams

Where I alone can traverse.

2.A Child’s Awakening.

On the vast lawn

My child and I sit together

And observe Nature.

The child for a moment,

Runs to the other end of the lawn

In order to extricate himself

Out of the gravitational pull

Of my love

And feel the whiff of

Divine love.

Then he rushes back

Towards me

As if he has realised that

The Divine love is incomplete

Without the presence of human love

Springing from flesh and blood.

3.A Sprawling Desert.

Sea could be

A sprawling desert

If your heart is

Unmoved like a stone.

4. A Futile Effort.

Time glides and river flows

But my  poem is not yet born;

From dusk to morn,

I scribble on a paper

Ultimately to  be torn.

5.On My Journey To Mathura.

But for Krishna’s grace

I would have been

Roasted alive

By  the sweltering heat

Of  May sun

In the land of Mathura.

Source:Poems by Dr. Venkataramana K.V.

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