Akshaya Tritiya.

In Sanskrit, ”Akshaya” means ”the never diminishing”

in the sense of prosperity while ”Tritiya” means third.

Akshaya Tritiya is named after ”third lunar day” of the

spring month of Vaishakha in the Hindu calendar.

Akshaya Tritiya is one  of the 4 most auspicious

days in the Vedic calendar, the other 3 being Ugadi,

Vijaya Dashami and Balipadyami. Akshaya Tritiya

is also known as Akha Teej and Navanna Parvam.

Akshaya  Tritiya is  also celebrated as the birthday

of  Parashuram, the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

He reclaimed his land from the sea.  Goa and the

Konkan regions are referred to as Parashurama

Kshetra even today.

It was this day that the Pandavas unearthed

weapons that decided their victory over the Kauravas.

It is also believed that Goddess Chamundeshwari killed

Mahishasura on this day.  According to the  Puranas

this day marks the beginning of the Treta Yug. It is

believed that on Akshaya Tritiya our good deeds are

rewarded multi-fold.This is the reason, why many

people make donations, give alms and Guru dakshina

on this day in the hope of earning goodwill for life.



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