Student:Would you punish me for something

I  didn’t do?

Teacher:Of course not.

Student:I didn’t do my homework.

2.Teacher:Tell me numbers 1 to 10.

Student:1,2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9,10.

Teacher:Why you omitted  6?

Student:I read in news paper that 6 died in an accident.

3.Q:How is an English teacher like a Judge?

A:They both give out sentences.

4.Teacher:Letter I is which number in an Alphabet?

Student:’I’ is…

Teacher:Stop.Use only ‘am’ after ‘I.’

Student:’I’ am  the 9th number in the Alphabet.

5.Teacher:Why you are late today?

Student:Sir, I obeyed a sign.

Teacher:What sign?

Student:School ahead, drive slow.

6.Teacher:Which is the shortest month?

Student:May.It has only 3 letters.

7.Q:Why  do we write ‘etc’ at the end of a sentence?

A: Coz it means:E=End of; T=Thinking ;C=Capacity.


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