Divine Pathways

1.The Himalayas.

The Himalayas have beckoned

Tenzing, Hillary, Bachendri Pal

And a lot others.

But I have not seen either the Himalayas

Or these mountaineers.

Yet I do not grudge them

As long as my own ambitions,

Ideals and principles

Remain loftier than the Himalayas.

And the risks of avalanches,

Glaciers and snow-storms

Of hatred, jealousy and prejudices

That I encounter in my life

Are  no less hazardous

To spur me into action.

2. In Pursuit of Truth.

A child dreams of actions of an adult;

And when those dreams

Are translated into reality,

He  marvels at the hollowness of his dreams

And  the shallowness of life.

Utterly dejected, he soon dives

Into the ”Deep Within”

In search of the Real, the Eternal.


Freedom to adjust to the surroundings,

Situations and People is no freedom at all.

If you want to enjoy the real freedom

Walk ahead of others, miles and miles ahead,

Where you will find none but yourself.

And none around to intrude your thoughts,

And where all your actions

Will be guided and haloed by freedom.

Poems by Dr. Venkataramana K.V.



























































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