Do You Know?

1.A village named Mattur in Karnataka is the only

Sanskrit speaking village in India.Good that at least

some people are keeping our ancient language alive.


W=Wheel of family.

O=Ocean of knowledge.

M=Mirror of children.

A=Address of love.

N=Navigator of life boat.

3.Patience with family is love.

Patience with others is respect.

Patience with self is confidence.

Patience with God is faith.

4.Author of Guinness World Records–Craig Glenday.

Since its  inception on 27 August, 1955, the book has

published annually listing world records, both human

achievements and the extremes of the natural world.

Publisher:Jim Pattison Group.

Published in 100 countries and in 23 languages.

5.Jesse Wilford Reno invented  Escalator in 1891.(patented

March 15,1892)

6.Nepal adopted its new constitution on September 20, 2015

which was chartered by President Ram Baran Yadav.Cow

is the national animal of Nepal.

7.Whatz it?

T   M   C

A   U    O

H   S    M

W   T    E

Answer:What goes up must come down.

8.P E T A=People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

9.A SE A N=Association of South East Asian Nations.

10.W.W.F.=World Wild Life Fund.

11. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai(B:12 August 1919;

D:30 December 1971) was an Indian scientist and

innovator widely regarded as The Father of India’s Space

Programme. He received the Shanthi Swarup Bhatnagar

Medal in 1962. Thumbe was a small village on the outskirts

of Thiruvananthapuram city.It was  very close to the Earth’s

magnetic equator. The Saint Mary Magdaline Church housed

the first office of the Thumba space centre.


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