Do You Know?

1.The 5 faces of Lord Shiva are: Sadyojata, Vamadeva, Aghora,

Tatpurusha, Isana.

The 5 cows that came from 5 faces of Lord:

Sadyojata-A grey coloured cow called Nanda.

Vamadeva-A black coloured cow called Bhadra.

Aghora-A copper coloured cow called cow called Surabhi.

Tatpurusha-A white coloured cow called Susheela.

Ishana-A multi coloured cow called Sumana.

Sadyojata–Earth came from this face.

Vamadeva –Water came from this face.

Aghora–Fire came from this face.

Tatpurusha–Air came from this face.

Ishana–Space came from this face.

2.Indian National flag was designed in 1916

by Pingali Venkayya from Machalipatnam.

The tricolour flag designed by him with a chakra

in the centre was approved with suitable modifications,

wherein the Ashoka chakra was adopted in place  of

chakra, on July 22,1947 at the adhoc meeting of the

Constituent Assembly.

3.Baisakhi-Punjab(Sikh)New Year—April 13 or 14.

Ugadi/Bisu Parba–Tulu NewYear–April 14.

Vishu-Malayali New Year–April 14.

Cheiraoba-Manipur New Year-April 8.

Puthandu–Tamil New Year–April 14.

Bohag Bihu–Assamese New Year–April 15.

Pohela Boishakh—Bengali New Year-April 15.




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