Sunlight And Circumstance.

1.My  Mind.

My mind pursues pleasures

As yellowness pursues a green leaf;

My mind pursues pleasures

As tenderness pursues the unripe fruits;

My mind pursues pleasures

As anonymity pursues the dead beings,

And my mind pursues pleasures

As memories  pursue the fading past.

2.A Lamentable Thought.

It will not be

A real death for me

If I stop breathing,

Because I will still live in

Flowers, cloud, birds and grass

Which have ever been

Nourished by my love.

But I would be really dead

The moment I found

My pond of love desiccated,

Forcing me to orphan

The beautiful creations of God,

Each of which contains

A bit of my soul.

3.Strength versus Weakness.

The  thick canopy of leaves

Forbids the sun’s rays

From kissing the earth;

And it only reflects

The helplessness of light;

But the invisible rays of love

Originating from your soul

Penetrate deep into the

Core of my heart;

And that bespeaks your love’s might.

4. A Pledge

Bygone years were a

Stretch of a barren desert

in my life.

But I do not wish

To look back on the past anymore.

I shall now try

To turn sand into gold

By planting seeds of struggle

On soils   of ambitions.

5. Life’s Facets.

Life lived is a shadow of life;

Life being lived is the life of life;

Life anticipated is the vacuum of life.

So, live in the Life of life;

Live not in the shadow

To be unnoticed;

And live not in the void of life

To prove your Non-existence.

Poems by Dr.Venkataramana K. V.



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