Divine Pathways.


Journey always

Takes us forward;

Only the memories

Carry us backward.

2.Spiritual Story.

She crushed the  bud of hope in me;

Yet I bloomed to my full glory.

This, in brief, is my spiritual story.

3.My Inner World.

My inner world opens up itself

To contain the outer Universe

Which is but a fledgling

Of the inner Being.

4.God’s Age.

O God! you are not my age

And   You are not senior to me either;

But You are the timelessness

Of the innocence of a child’s heart.

5.The Eagle.

An eagle flying high in the sky,

Free of obstacles is not free.

No doubt, there is no other bird

Flying in its vicinity in the vast space;

But while flying, its sight is not

Directed still upwards but is focussed

on the objects below.

O, whither the progress of that bird

Though  its height is

Three palms  from the  earth?

Source:”Divine Pathways”-Poems by Dr. K.V.Venkataramana.






















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