Divine Pathways.


I have a life, the bits of which

Lies scattered in my yesterdays,

Todays and tomorrows.

2.Life’s Facets.

Life lived is a shadow of life;

Life being lived is the life of life;

Life anticipated is the vacuum of life.

So live in the life of life;

Live not in the shadow to be unnoticed;

And live not in the void of life

To prove your non-existence.

3.Death Does Not Haunt Me.

Death does not haunt me

When I am at peace with myself;

Death does not haunt me

when my  mind delves into the mystery of Nature;

Death does not haunt me

When my thought crystallises into a poem;

And death does not haunt me

When my mind remains still.

4.A Bee.

I am only a bee, sucking at the flowers of

Virtues of humanity and deriving my

Sustenance out of them.

Colours of petals or thorns on the stem

Do not distract me from drawing the nectar;

And with hope I keep buzzing

Over the vast human vegetation

And propagate the pollens off peace.

Source:”Divine Pathways”-Poems  by Dr.K.V.venkataramana



2 thoughts on “Divine Pathways.

  1. Thank you for honouring me by quoting my poems. May poetry survive in this world by the efforts of poetry aficionados like you! My sincere gratitude to you for spreading the message of poetry.

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