Enjoy Your Life.

1.Build three factories in your life, 4th one you will get

free,free, free.

1.Ice factory in brain. Be cool.

2.Sugar factory in tongue. Be sweet.

3. Love factory in heart. Be calm.

Then life will be satis ”factory.”

2.All  fingers are not in the same length.

But when they bend, all stands equal.

Life become easy when we bend and

adjust to all situations.

3. Mathematics may not teach us how to

add happiness or how to minus sadness.

But, it does teach one  important thing–

Every problem has a solution.

4.Birth is from mother,

Advice  is from father,

Knowledge is from teacher,

Life is from Partner,

But, joy, fun, jokes, and lifelong smiles

Only from friends.

5.Just one flame dispels all darkness.

Just one smile dispels all sorrows.

Just one prayer dispels all negativity.

6.Life is like a novel and every day is a new page.

So, if a page is sad, next will be happy…So, don’t

worry; turn the page and enjoy the life.


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