Divine Pathways.

1.A Paradox.

My father wanted me to be a scientist,

But the Super Scientist made me His instrument.

2.My Life -In Retrospect.

My life is made up of two things–

The lived and the unlived moments.

My unlived moments were

When I lived in this world

Without His thoughts:

And my lived moments were

When I lived in the company of the Self.

3.On My Suffering.

Suffering halted my physical progress;

But it hastened my spiritual success.

4.Life And Spirit.

Life’s long journey is cut short

At a point called called death.

But the Spirit’s  timeless march

Continues with unabated breath.

5.A Child’s Imagination.

A child’s imagination runs riot

At the sight of ravishing  moon.

Unable to  clasp it,

A sense of despair dawns on him soon.

6.My Parents.

I did not have an address before I was born.

My parents conceptualised me,

Gave me a form, a name, and an address

For which I offer this poetic tribute, in gratitude.

7. A Monotonous Track.

My life is a  monotonous track but for the

Occasional trains of joy and sorrow

Which rattle along it.

8. On My Vacuums.

I have a few vacuums in my life;

But God has refused to fill them

Unless I have a vacuum

In my heart too.

9.Past And Future.

Past is a storehouse of achievements;

Future is a storehouse of dreams.

When the dreams remain far,

The past comes nearer

In the form of sweet memories,

In which you seem to wallow for ever.

10.To My Son.

Keep smiling like a flower

Which never bothers about its death.

Keep flowing like a river,

Which has an uninterrupted breath.

Keep growing like a pine, far into the sky.

Keep aiming at Divine heights

Where peace and harmony lie.

Source- From ”Divine Pathways” (the book of poems

by Dr. Venkataramana K V.)













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