Divine Pathways.

1 .Spectre Of A Treeless Landscape.

A lone crow sitting on a lonely dry  twig of a tree

Seems to be brooding over the fate of this

Fast-disintegrating world in the coming years.

When trees all around, will become victims of

The greedy population;Perhaps, its anxiety is centred

Not only on its survival, but also on the mankind’s

Funeral sans wood.

2. A Pebble.

A poet is not a superhuman,

But only a pebble, capable of causing

Eve -widening ripples of love

On the lake of humanity.

3.In Search Of An Invisible Boatman.

Lone is the boat in the mid-river;

Alone I stand on the bank.

I want to go to the other end,

But the boat will not come to me

Sans a boatman. So I build

A bridge of desire between me and the boat

And walk upon that bridge;

I keep on walking…But I reach nowhere

And remain where  I am.

O, I am helpless, for, I cannot reach the boat,

Leave alone the other end!

O,where is the invisible boatman

I have ignored hitherto?

Source-Poems  by Dr. Venkataramana K.V.


Death is man’s ultimate refusal

To move with Time.

5.Facts And Fiction.

Birth and death are facts of life;

And in between, it is a fiction of mind.

6.My Philosophy.

My philosophy is not meant for

Dispelling sorrow, pain or chaos in the world,

For, they can be tackled by an ordinary mind;

But it is meant for those who want to fathom

The spiritual depths while crossing the ocean of life.

Poems by Dr.Venkataramana K.V.













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