All About Plants.

These plants bring luck, wealth, prosperity and

health to home.

As per Vastu experts, Bonsai plants speak to

hindered development; hence one should abstain

from keeping them in the house.

Plant an orange or lemon at the primary passageway

of your home. These will avoid fiendish(wicked) spirits.

Fragrant plants like Champa, Chameli, Nagchampa,

Bela etc not to be set inside the home. Plant them in the

yard or in a gallery. Try not to keep Cactus plants in your

room or at your workplace, where you work.

Keep cash plant in the south-east heading as it is the

zone of  Kuber or cash. Stay away from artificial plants

inside the house. Evacuate old flowers after their leaves

dry or petal shrivel. Anything spoiling or rotting speaks

to death and subsequently draws in negative vitality.

List of some plants and herbs considered lucky

around the world:

Money plant-produce positive energy flow that attracts

good luck and fortune.

Aloe is luck bringer, ornamental and medicinal plant.

Archids attract love, deepen friendship and help soothe

the soul.

Jade plant bring prosperity and success when placed

near the entrance.

Snake plant absorbs poisonous gases from the air.

Rubber plant is believed to be auspicious in the wealth

area or even the front hall of the residence.

Shamrock plant is lucky according to Irish folklore.



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