Epic Characters of Puranas, Ramayana And Mahabharatha.

1.Veda Vyasa was the son of Satyavati(mother) and sage

Parashara(father).He was called Krishna(the dark one)

due to his colour and Dvaipayana(one born on an island)

Later became known as Vyasa-compiler of the Vedas and

author of the Puranas and the Mahabharata.

2.Satyavathi was the daughter of Chedi king Vasu and a

cursed Apsara. She was brought up by Dasharaja, a tribal

fishermen chieftain.

3.Sage Parashara was the father of Vyasa and grandson of

sage Vasishta.

4. Kartikeya was the first born and elder.Ganesha is the

younger son of Parvathi and Shiva. Kartikeya is the Lord of war.

5.Pradyumna was son of  Lord Krishna and Rukmini.

6. Manmatha was son of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

7.Aniruddha was the son of Pradyumna and the grandson of

Shri Krishna.

8. Valmiki was the son of a sage named Prachetasa. His birth name

was Ratnakara. He got lost in the jungle as a child and was founded

by a hunter who raised him as his own son. When he grew up, he

became a hunter like his foster father and also took to being a bandit

to supplement his livelihood. Narada convinced him of the evils of his

ways and converted him into a religious scholar.He narrated the

story of Rama to him and asked him to write it down for posterity.

Ratnakar did penance for many years and an ant-hill grew around

him. Hence his new name Valmiki. Valmika in Sanskrit means an

ant-hill.He came out of the ant hill and penned the great epic, Ramayana

between the 4th and the 2nd century BC.



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