Do You Know?

Vastu Shastra-8 wall paintings that attract negativity and bad luck:

1.Nataraja murti painting or idol is dance of destruction by Shiva.

Some argue that Nataraj cannot bring bad luck. It’s Shiva’s Ananda

Tandava and not the dance of destruction.

2.Sinking ship– cause ripples at the center of positive energy, thus

making it move away from you.

3.Flowing water symbolizes instability; they impact the wealth and

prosperity in your home. You will always face problems in making

your money stay in savings; might even lead to poverty.

4. Violent animals like tiger, panther, gorilla, alligator etc; these

effect the  conjugal relations of the couple in home and invite

marital discord.

5.Taj Mahal is burial place of Mumtaz Mahal. No matter how

beautiful it appears, one should never hang a picture of a burial

at home. It invites  death and destruction.

6.Scenes from Mahabharat. Even though it’s an epic legend, but

the content of it revolves around negative activities and mishaps.

Such paintings lead to stress, depression, sorrow, clashes amid

family members.

7.Sad or crying child-hanging painting of a crying or upset child

multiplies your bad luck.

8. War or magic happening-according to Vastu, photos that display

war, violence, black magic or ghosts impact the mind of family

inhabitants leading to permanent separation, disturbance of

mental peace.


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