Spiritual Poems.

1.Mind is the storehouse of

All pain in the body and in the world.

Soul is the Divine Lighthouse

That spreads illumination

Across the world.

-poem ”Mind And Soul” by Dr.Venkataramana.K.V.

2.A lone bird flying high above

Feels proud of having conquered the vast space.

Little does it realize that

It is only a tiny speck in the sky.

Or only a wave in the eternal sea

As I behold it.

I am only reminded

Of the vastness of the empire

Yet to be traversed by it,

Like my own soul’s

Extent of unfinished

Spiritual flight.

-Poem-”The Amazing Gap”.

by Dr.Venkataramana K.V.

3. This brand new day I go in faith,

But I know not what lies in wait.

So dear God, this morning I pray,

Take control and lead the way.

I do not see with these two eyes,

I cannot tell where danger lies.

Please dear God, be my guide,

Let me not stray from Your side.

Show me today the journeys to make,

Steer me on the right paths to take.

Grant me grace to discern Your will,

For when to strive and when to be still.

Help me to love and trust You more,

And radiate Your love to my neighbor,

Then bring me back safe and sound,

And let my praise for You abound.

(Poem-”This Brand New Day”-by Abimbola T. Alabi.)






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