Do You Know?

1.A.B.C.=Avoid Bad Company.

2.LOVE=Look, Observe, Verify, Enter.

3.Tsunami thoughts:

One Japanese tale–

An old man who lived alone atop a hill, one day saw water

receded until a rock stayed and expected menace to the whole

village, which gathered at the annual shore-side mela.

Too far away to warn the villagers in time, he set fire to his

hut. Seeing the smoke, the merry makers cried out to each other

in alarm and ran to save the old man’s life, which they thought

was in danger.The whole village pelted uphill, the tsunami

devoured the beach and everything below.

4. The Brahmaputra river goes by a number of names during

its journey to the sea. It begins as the Yarlung Tsangpo in south

western Tibet and becomes the Dihang in China, then the

Brahmapttra in India and finally the Jamuna in Bangladesh.

5.According to Padma Purana, Shiva and Parvathi have 3 children:

2 sons namely Lord Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha and one daughter

named Ashoka  Sundari.

6. The word Ballot comes from Italian word Ballotta.

7. Bullet comes French word Boulette.

8. The Japanese  Shinto religion teaches that Gods are in nature.

9.Many languages are related. French, Spanish and Italian

all evolved from Latin, the language of the ancient Romans.

English is similar to German and Dutch.

10. Britons gave the world a number of its greatest sports

from cricket, rugby, golf,ping-pong or whiff whaff to ”ice hocky”

(Canada’s national game).







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