Do You Know?

  1. ULSET, an Ayurvedic medicine is found to be known effective for treatment of Ulser. Ulset does not create any side effects but gives relief soon after medication.
  2. If we removed every bacterium from our body, we will cease to exist. Our bodies have some 10 trillion human cells but, it has 10 times the number of bacterial cells: 100 trillion to be precise.
  3. Not all birds fly. Birds like Ostrich, emu, rhea are too heavy and they have small wings. Instead,  they race across open country side on their strong legs.
  4. Emu is Australia’s biggest bird. It is named after the Portugese word”ema”, meaning”large bird.”
  5. Narayana =Nara means water which is the lying place (residence/Ayana)of the Paramatman.
  6. Pranavah(Om), the manifesting sound symbol of Brahman. As He is inseperably related with Pranava, He is called Pranava.
  7. America’s treasure Lake Tahoe is the largest lake in the world.”The fairest picture the whole earth affords”-Mark Twain called the lake.
  8. Hague(Den Haag)-(Netherland) is known as ”International city of peace and justice”. Home to over 150 international organizations, including International Court of Justice; home of Royal Dutch Shell and T-Mobile; and is known for the Peace Palace. Roughly over 10% population of Hague and 1 percent of Netherland is Hindu.Hague originated around  1230.
  9. Poet Homer wrote two poems-1)The Iliad(it was about a war between the Greeks and the Trojans)   2)The Odyssey (it is about the adventures of a hero named Odysseus) .Homer is thought to have been blind.
  10. Each of the 5 fingers have names—-The thumb, index,middle,ring and little or pinky fingers.

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