History of Places.

1.Dharmasthala–800 years ago Dharmasthala was known as Kuduma

in Mallamadi, then a village in Belthangadi.

2.Kannada mother Bhuvaneshwari’s temple is on Bhuvanagiri hills

in Siddhapur taluk of North Kannada. It was the rulers of Bilagi, who

constructed the temple of Bhuvaneshwari Devi in Bhuvanagiri.

3. Venu grama means village of bamboo in Sanskrit. Over time

it changed to Belagavi and later Belgaum.

4.Moodabidri–Abundance of bamboo groves in the area, gave

the place the name Moodabidri. Moodu means east and bidiru

means bamboo.

5. Kaup– Historians say that Kaup was known in the distant past

as ”Rakshanapura”. The word Rakshane meaning protection in

Kannada language translated into local Tulu language as Kaup

i.e,Land of Protection(Land that protects)

6.Bengaluru was Bengavaluru, meaning city of guards in 890CE

according to historians. A Hoysala king Veera Ballala of 12th century

came hunting here.The hungry king entered the hut of a poor woman

and she offered him boiled beans and the king promptly gave

this place a name Benda Kaalu Ooru( land of boiled beans).

It evolved into Bengaluru and later Bangalore during the British Raj.


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