Do You Know?

1.English Alphabets—-Corresponding number.

A I J Q Y                   —–1.

B K R                        ——2.

C G L S                    ——-3.

D M T                      ——–4

H E N X                  ———5

U V W                   ———-6

OZ                       ————7

P F                         ———-8

Nine has no alphabet.

2.Plastindia foundation makes the world’s largest

t-shirt out of recycled plastics and has entered the

Guinness World Records.

3.Royal Society  was founded at Gresham College

London on 28 November, 1660. Christopher Wren,

Robert Boyle and William Petty were the founders.

Fellowship of the Royal Society is an award granted

to individuals that the Royal Society judges to have

made a ”substantial contribution to the improvement

of  natural knowledge , including mathematics, engineering

science and medical science.

4.The word alphabet comes from the first two letters of the

Greek alphabet-alpha and beta.

5.The countries along the borders of China are-India,Japan,

South Corea, Vietnam, Philliphines, Malesia, Brunai and Indonesia.

Islam is the state religion  in Malaysia and Brunei.

6.Deodar is a sacred tree in the north western Himalayas

that has been planted extensively as an ornament in Europe

and North America.




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