Do You Know?







2.The only animals that can naturally sleep

on their backs are humans. A spider lying

on his back is generally dead.Spiders can’t

close their eyes because they don’t have eyelids.

3.Doctors take Hippocratic oath when they graduate

from medical college.

Judges of Supreme Court of India swear in the name

of God that they will bear allegiance to the Constitution of India.

Every licensed attorney takes an oath to follow the

ethical rules of Jurisdiction.

4.’Om’ means sacred sound,source or supreme.

‘Namo’ means ‘to bow’.

5. Both ice and heat relieve pain. During the first

48 hours of muscle pain, use cold to reduce swelling.

After that use heat to increase blood flow.

6. The word ‘Bihar’ is derived from Sanskrit and Pali

word ‘Vihara’ meaning abode. This name was given by

Buddhist monks because of Buddha Vihar.

7.Latin word ‘augustus’ means ‘venerable’.

August  is named after Roman emperor Augustus Caesar

in 8 BC. Augustus(Latin word) means venerable.

8.’Jai Hind’ slogan was coined by Zain-Ul Abideen Hasan,

son of a collector from Hyderabad.

9.Words having double meaning:

Note=1.A piece paper currency. 2.A brief record of

something written down.3.To observe  carefully.

Bear=1.Endure/sustain.2.A wild animal.

Pass=1.To go across.2.Voucher that allow admission

to an event.

Mount=1.Climb up 2.Hill.

Want=1.Desire  to possess.2.Lack or deficiency of


Subject=1.One who is under the rule  of king.2.Theme,

topic, issue.

Press=To exert force.2.Printing press.

10.Karnataka was called Mysore State in the medieval

ages and was renamed as Karnataka only in 1973.


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