HAY=How Are You?.

ATM=Any Time Money.

G S T=Goodnight,Sweet dreams,Take care.



I L Y=I Love You.

FAMILY=Father And Mother I Love You.

M AD=Music Art and Dance.

B A,M A=Bachelor Again, Married Again.


B C=Before Christ.

A C=Air Conditioning.

M O F=Male Or Female.

S K C=Sweet, Khara Coffee.

J K =Just Kidding.

D I Y =Do It Yourself.

A S A P=As Soon As Possible.

G O D=Generator, Organizer, Destroyer.

V 2=We Two.

W =Double You.


WIFE=Without Information Fighting Everyday.

AB C D=American Born Confused Desi.

V R=we are.

S R=Yes Sir.




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