Do You Know?

1.Insects, birds, lizards and other creatures all have their

heads turned down, towards earth.Only humans can look up

and lift their sights from the world to see God in the spiritual

realm above. We have the faculty to know ourselves and to

realize God.

2.Words with double meaning.

1.Watch=a)observe b)timepiece.

2.Sound=a) noise b)uninterrupted and untroubled.

3. Arm=a)the part of human body from the shoulder to the wrist

b)weapons especially firearms.

4.Right=a)correct b)the opposite of left.

5.Hide=a)to conceal from sight b)the skin of animal

treated for human use.

6.Bill=a)a statement of money owed for goods or services

supplied.b) peak of the bird or part of a bird’s jaws

covered with horny sheath.

7.Bark=a)the sound of a dog makes.b)the outer covering

of a tree.

8.Nail=a)finger nail or toe nail b) thin, sharp metal pieces

used in construction.

9. Mine=a)place where minerals are dug out of the earth.

b)something that belongs to me.

10.Horn=a)antler b)musical instrument made of metal tube.


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