Australian Slang.

55.Pom=English person.

56.Push=Gang of larrikins or ruffians.

57.Put the bite on=Hit up someone for money.

58.Rat’s coffin=A meat pie(which thankfully, contains

no rat meat.)

59.Reckon!=You bet!, Absolutely.


61.Scratchy=Instant lottery ticket.

62. Seppo, Septic tank=An American(a less flattering term

than Yank)

63.Shark biscuit=An inexperienced surfer.

64.Shit house(adj.)=adjective:- of poor quality, un enjoyable

(”this car is shit house”,”the movie was shit house”)

65 Shocker=bad.

66.Spit the dummy=get very upset at something.

67.Spunk=Attractive person(of either sex)

68.Squib out=Backing out, chickening out.

69.Sticky beak=Nosy person.

70. Strine= Australian slang.


72.Two pot screamer=Someone unable to hold

their liquor.

73. Uee, Uwie, Yewy=Make a u-turn in traffic.

74.Useless as an ashtray on a motor bike=Unhelpful,


75.Too right=Definitely.

76.Ute=Utility vehicle, a pickup truck.

77.Vegemite=Sandwich spread derived from yeast extract,

similar to Marmite (an acquired taste)

78.Walkabout= Aboriginal term meaning ”to go on a wander”

79. Wowser=stuffy, prudish person; a spoilsport.

80. Yakka =work.

81.Yobbo=Uncouth and aggressive person.

82.You’d have to run around in the shower to get wet

=You are very thin.





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